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Here's what other customers have had to say:

    I received the cover today.  Everyone here loved the embroidery.  The cover fits perfectly.  Toby can see the light from under the cover so I know he will be able to breath.  I am going to get TV-ears so that I can watch television and he won't hear it. Thanks again. 
                                            January, 2010

    Thank you so much for making RAINBOW COVER. IT LOOKS GREAT! rainbow loves it &i love it     thank you from RAINBOW&MR FRANK R BERWYN IL   January, 2010

        We received the cover on Saturday and it is PERFECT!  Albert loves it and the fact that it is personalized for him J  The Velcro works great so that I can open the one side that faces a window during the day by flipping it around and velcroing it to the back, then close it back at night.  It is wonderful and thank you so much for making it!  I am glad that you sent magnetic business cards as we will definitely keep that handy for any future needs or references for other bird lovers.  Thank you again and wishing you and your husband well with his recovery.  Have a great day!
                                            October, 2009

   Hi Judy, I just wanted you to know (if you don't already) that you are a genius in the cage cover department -  Benzo's cover is awesome, I love the color and the macaw head is bigger than I had thought it would looks GREAT!!!  I can't wait to bring him home and start using it every night.  I will send you a pic of it for your website.  again, you have out-done yourself. and I thank you for that!  Benzo flew on Friday for the first time, and is starting to eat on his own better, I'm thinking maybe mid July rather than late July he may come home now, I can't wait :)
                                            July, 2009

    Itís perfect.  Fit is right on and the picture is great.  And the liner is nice enough we may need one for OUR bed when the weather changes.  I know Zoey will appreciate it next November.
                                            Thanks for everything, Gary
                                            July, 2009


     I just got back from picking up my baby Umbrella from the breeders and your cage cover had arrived. It is beautiful and absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all your hard work!  
     Thanks again! Iím sure you will be hearing from me again.

                                                July, 2009

Covers arrived today and are superb!  The Amazon cover fits perfectly, and the decoration on it is beautiful.  The macaw cover is equally beautiful, and I'm sure it will fit fine (haven't gotten cage yet).  You saved me money and I got better products than what I would have gotten commercially, and with a personal touch.  Thanks again for super customer service, and I will recommend my bird owner friends to buy from you.
                                                    June, 2009
 I just wanted to let you know we received the cover you made for us last night & it is beautiful! It fits like a glove and our bird seems to sleep sounder with less rustling around.
    Caesar is now the best dressed bird on the block! Thank you!!
                                                     May, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I got my bird cage cover in today.  It is beautiful, thank you! It fits the cage like a glove, with just enough breathing room, and I'm grateful for the cut you gave the front so that I could fold it over the cage top.  If I ever run across anyone looking for a quality cage cover, I'll be sure to point them your way. Thanks!
                                                    May, 2009

        The cover arrived today. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I proudly show off the covers to all my bird lover friends, and I pass your e-mail address on to them. I wish you continued success with your embroidery business. You deserve it.
                                                    April, 2009
 Every evening when I cover my bird's cage I am thankful for finding your web site and having you make a cover.  It is awesome.  I would not hesitate to recommend you.
                                                    Thanks again,
                                                     Lisa Clayton
                                                     April, 2009

    Just wanted to tell you Thank You for the Great covers for Sophie and Poppins.  They are perfect in every way and we love the embroidery work done on them.  They are so much better than trying to cover the cages with a blanket.  Thank you for your extreme promptness in making them and getting them to us--it was unbelievable how fast they got to me. Without any doubt you will be highly recommended to our other friends with birds!! Again a huge Thank You!
                                                          Barb N.
                                                         March, 2009
Judy, Judy, Judy!
You are a genius! What a FABULOUS cage cover - you just outdid yourself!! I'm THRILLED with the cover, Judy. It's even better in person than I imagined!
Thank you SO MUCH for all your effort! I love the embroidery of the two birds. Even Mother said it looks like Molly!
You did exactly what I'd pictured with the horizontal cream oval and the embroidered two birds and the names arched over them. Even the "&" instead of "and" was perfect, as was your choice of the shade of blue thread for the lettering. ALL the colored threads are just right!!
The embroidery is beautiful, Judy! It looks magical against the soft shade of blue quilted flannel. If we'd chosen the deeper blue it wouldn't have shown all the nuances of the birds' embroidery. It makes them look that much more iridescent and REAL!! Ohhhh, Judy. I'm so happy with it. What a beautiful job you did!!
And it's sturdy and warm, too! My birdies will be safe from drafts and secure in their cover at night. (Ah, it does my heart good!) :-)
THANK YOU for taking on this huge task and for working so patiently with me through color changes and all. Later this week I'll try to take some photos for you of the birds and the new cage cover. Then, other people can see what beautiful, beautiful work you do! And, as I recall, you don't have any photos of your wrap-around cover with a real bird. (I won't be able to put BOTH birds on top of the cage, since they are to be kept separate right now. But I'll get some kind of photos to show off your beautiful work!
Bless you. I couldn't be more pleased. It was worth the wait and every penny! Thank you, Judy. You're the best!!
With love and a big hug,
 ~                                                   Kathy, Blueberry Pi & Molly Flynn
                                                       November, 2008

I got the cover this week and just wanted to let you know it is BEAUTIFUL. It fits great, the Velcro is in perfect place and the sound it makes when removed has no effect on Cleo. Thank you so, so very much for this superb cage cover that I am proud to display. You have a great talent to sew with just a few measurements, good fabric and then pull Ďthe rabbit from the hatí transformed into an eye catching product that should last the lifetime of my bird. Thank you for making the needed re-construct.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.   
                                                       November, 2008 

I have been meaning to write and tell you how nice the third cage cover I got from you turned out, for my new baby sun conure Trinket.  It is a lovely shade of maroon and the embroidery is perfect!!!   It shows up so nice on the maroon background, too.  I have enclosed pix of Calypso's and Trinket's and Envie's covers for your website. 

Thank you again for your great workmanship and quick delivery.  My birds sleep half the morning away (as do I, I work nights) thanks to your covers fitting so well.
                                                    October, 2008

The covers are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I  received them on Saturday-THANK YOU and on Sunday my fids slept until  8a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!! When I took the covers off they were getting ready  to yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sleep so much better now!!!!!!!!!!
                                                September, 2008

"I was extremely pleased with our new cage cover.  I felt you gave me excellent customer service and your turnaround time was fantastic.  I absolutely love the cover and the fact that I was able to have a picture of Kiwi and the phrase "Do Not Disturb Kiwi is Sleeping" on the cover.

Thank you so much for a wonderful cover."
                                                  Ann and Mark
                                                  August, 2008