Parrot Xmas Stockings
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Here they are!  The long awaited Parrot, Parakeet and Cockatiel stockings!  Each will be personalized with your babies' name across the cuff.  They are $20 each, which includes shipping.  Watch for others to be added!  I'll be in touch with you after your purchase to get your babies name.  THANK YOU!

I am having difficulties with the postage calculator.  The stockings have the postage built into the cost.  IF YOU ARE PURCHASING MORE THAN ONE STOCKING, THE TOTAL COMES OUT INCORRECTLY.  Please contact me and let me send you an invoice with the correct postage.  Please include your ZIP code.  Thank you!

Currently available (and more to come later!)
     Congo African Gray                                     Blue and Gold Macaw
     Blue Parakeet                                                Green Parakeet
     Cockatiel                                                        Umbrella Cockatoo
     Blue Front Amazon (full body)                   Male Eclectus
     Goffin's Cockatoo                                          Moluccan Cockatoo

Stockings Available